Sunday, July 17, 2016

la vie commence ici...

For those dear friends who have chosen to continue reading this rambling, wandering blog, I want to express my gratitude. Your words of encouragement and critique have been clarifying. The words of jazz composer Marianne Trudell have continued to shape my thinking about these reflections even as we ease back into ministry after vacation:  "La vie commence ici! (life begins here - and now!)" You may enjoy this clip she prepared in advance of her recent recording and tour bearing the same name.

We spent time clearing our back garden early this evening after taking a break from worship. This sweet plot of soil had fallen into disrepair both because of our absence during last summer's sabbatical; as well as the peculiar angle of the sun as it shines around our hills and trees. We sense that it could be the coolest, darkest spot in all of Berkshire County. What's more, because we live on the edge of an expansive wetland and woodland, a variety of animals from coyotes and rabbits to deer regularly show up to feast on whatever is growing. I lost three seasons of pumpkins to our four-legged friends. Consequently, only a bumper crop of golden rod and thistles remained where once potatoes and snap peas prospered. 

That jumble and neglect came tumbling down tonight: The hidden daylilies were transplanted, the unknown irises reclaimed and even a few thistles were selected for new life elsewhere on the land. It was hot, sweaty, earthy and so wonderfully alive. La vie commence ici, indeed!

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