Saturday, September 3, 2016

saying good-bye...

Tonight is our last night à Montréal for at least a few months and it has been
a luxuriously lazy time of wandering, resting, feasting and listening to one another. Today, rather than head off to a part of the city we hadn't yet visited, we slept until 11 am, ate a leisurely breakfast on le petit balcon and then took four hours to walk slowly through our Mile End neighborhood. We bought fresh herbs on Rue Bernard and talked to the owner about Donald Trump: quelle horror! 

We spent time finding small gifts for our loved ones. And a substantial session in Libairie Drawn and Quarterly, a mostly graphic novel publishing house and independent book store  (Check them out @ (https://www. sipped cucumber-based cocktails at the Bishop and Bag Pub's terrasse, shopped for handmade gnocchi and walked street after beautiful, residential street admiring small gardens and children playing on the sidewalks. In time, we napped, read and ate on our balcony before getting packed for our return home.

Every time we leave Montréal I am filled with melancholia. Last year, at the close of our 4+ month sabbatical, I had full-blown panic attacks. I want to live here. (Or someplace very much like this.) The Canadian groove makes sense to my heart and soul. I also know that just as I was called to ministry in 1968, after 35 years of ordained service, I sense myself being called out of it, too. That was my hunch last summer and another year of active ministry has confirmed it. 

Still, tomorrow we head back. I love road trips with Dianne. We talk a lot, listen to Krista Tippett podcasts and stop at places that capture our fancy along the way. It often takes way too long to get home because if we pass through a small town that feels interesting, we stop and go for a walk. Maybe get tea and a muffin, too. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? The weather here has not been effected by the impending hurricane. Truth is, I don't even know what is happening in that realm as I haven't heard or seen the news in over 10 days.

I have prayed. And rested and read and practiced guitar. I have also given thought about how to share my love and energy in whatever time remains. I trust that is enough. I have another week of vacation, too - and for that I give thanks. There will be yet another quick road trip this time next week to my nephew's wedding in Maryland. We will come home to a freshly painted house as well. But, truth be told, I really wish we were staying.

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